Airports Company South Africa
Whether you’re coming or going, or waiting impatiently for someone to arrive, staying informed at the airport is imperative.  Stella Vista is a leader in the field of design and integration of all types of information displays for a variety of applications, and one of these is airport flight information displays.

acsa1.jpgThe largest system of information displays Stella Vista has been involved in is the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) at South African international airports.  Stella Vista has been the primary supplier of FIDS displays for the Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) since 1996, after being chosen in an international tender.  Stella Vista was selected because of our high quality products, competitive prices and willingness not only to customise solutions but also to follow up on systems installed.   The ACSA system is growing all the time. At the last count, Stella Vista had installed over 130 FIDS displays.  Stella Vista is with you wherever you are travelling to.


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