Cricket World Cup 2003
In an international tender, Stella Vista Technologies was selected in June 2002 to provide a total solution including new displays and upgrades to the 12 cricket grounds designated to host the Cricket World Cup 2003. All the permanent parts of the system, including the scoreboards and associated equipment, the scoring and production software, as well as integration of the existing scoreboards at the 12 venues, had to be in place within 4 months, giving Stella Vista an extremely short delivery period.

cwc2003-1.jpgThe project consisted of several integrated elements:

  1. Official cricket scoring software
  2. Full production software for scoring and statistics display
  3. LED scoreboards (full-matrix, numerical and alphanumerical)
  4. Integration of existing scoreboards (incandescent, wedge-based, electro-magnetic and LED)
  5. Rental of video replay screens for the duration of the event, including 
    • TV commercial playout equipment and servicesb. 
    • Instant replay equipment and servicesc. 
    • Match highlights playout equipment and services

The newest Titan range of video displays was used at the event, in addition to LB series scoreboard screens. Both display ranges fully support Stella Vista's unique faceUp™ building block system.
During the event Dr Ali Bacher, the executive director of the World Cup, commented that "the upgrades at all the stadiums are truly fantastic, and I have been very impressed with the new scoreboards and replay screens".

Cricket World Cup 2003 displays