Where have you seen us today? While watching the cricket…waiting for a loved one at the airport…filling up at the petrol station…Stella Vista are specialists in the field of LED (Light Emitting Diode) display systems, suitable for any application you can conceive of.



Since its inception in 1994, Stella Vista has focussed on designing, producing, integrating and supporting innovative products and services for clients’ specific needs.  Known originally as Stardust Electronics, the name was changed to
Stella Vista in June 1999 when the company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
The Board of Directors is responsible to shareholders for setting the direction of Stella Vista through the establishment of strategic objectives and key policies. The five-member board consists of an appropriate mix of executive and non-executive directors, all of whom have a wide range of expertise as well as significant experience in financial and commercial activities.

The company has continued to live up to its name, proving to be a beacon of light in the
design of state-of-the-art multimedia communications systems.

Stella Vista is a world leader in the provision of displays, control equipment and software
for any number of applications.  Stella Vista is with you during some of your most
memorable moments, and is committed not only to customer satisfaction, but to providing
the viewer with a remarkable experience.

directors2.jpgThe board meets at least four times a year, to ensure the stellar performance of the company.
The current directors are:

M Tabakovic (chief executive)
D Tabakovic
CS Livingstone (non – executive)
RH Burke (non – executive)



Stella Vista’s mission is to light up the communications landscape by providing long-term solutions for all visual communication needs - from small message-board systems to gigantic, multi-purpose video screens in the sport, business, entertainment and transportation markets.  Driven by the pursuit of excellence, the company prides itself on reliability and superior service - quality made possible by a passion for technology.