Where have you seen us today? Stella Vista has so many applications, there’s no doubt that you come across one of our products almost every day – whether it’s at the airport, at a rugby game or when you see a billboard as you’re driving home. Stella Vista is always around to add colour and excitement to the things you see each day.

design3.jpgHealth and Safety
We have various options for emergency exits that open forward or backwards. They are essential in making the electronic perimeter displays safe for the spectators, while retaining the seamless look of the perimeter line.

design2.jpgRefresh Rate
All Stella Vista displays have extremely high refresh rates, so that they look completely static even when filmed by a super slow motion camera, thus ensuring maximum impact for the sponsors and advertisers.

Display features
High brightness - visible in direct sunshine
Flexibility in supply – sales, rentals, short-term hire
Flexibility in design – varying length, height, emergency gate availability, etc.
High reliability – hundreds of events with no system failures
Worldwide presence – installations on 5 continents

One of the most innovative characteristics of the Stella Vista product design is the use of the unique faceUp™ building block concept – which bases different displays on the same cluster size specification, thus allowing easy maintenance and make possible various display design options, such as easy mixing of electronic and static modules. This standardisation also guarantees the spare part availability well into the future, facilitates upgrading of modules, and creates a market for second hand components. The faceUp™ system was first introduced by Stella Vista in displays and scoreboards used at the ICC CWC 2003 in South Africa, and has been installed on 5 continents in various products.

design1.jpgHardened Materials
The materials and design of the plastic material used to provide protection and shading to the face of the display have taken into account possible damage by flying objects, such as balls and player boots. A cricket ball hitting the display face at over 100km/h will not cause visible damage to the screen face.